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Weeting Steam Engine Rally and Country Fayre

As always we didn’t manage to get off as early as planned, we were still bumbling around in Great Yarmouth at 1 pm, but we managed a fast dash around Asda to pick up the final supplies and hit the road by 2 pm. We entered the address into our not so trustworthy Satnav called Dick and as always he planned us an indirect but very scenic route to the festival. We amazingly got ourselves pretty much set up and settled in in time for dinner. This time we decided to let our adorable dog goose come along for the weekend. We used to take him every weekend, but in his older age, he’s a little grumpy and not always up for it.

After a delicious dinner and a couple of ice cold beverages in the van with our friends, we decided to call it a night pretty early, as we were expecting a busy one the next morning, it was kids day and we were ready for them! We woke up early to the sound of the rain on the van roof and quickly battened down the hatches. This was not a good start to the day, but not to be deterred we got ourselves up, cooked a yummy brekkie and finished preparing the stall so we could wind the door up for 9.30am.

We had a pretty steady flow of customers for the first hour or two, but as soon as lunch hit and the sun came out, the customers all seemed to disappear. Where do they go we ask ourselves? This was the way it would stay for the whole afternoon, so I got Mum to throw a few fathers in my hair to get into the festival spirit and then made use of the time creating clip-in stock and gifts for a friend. Everyone had closed up their stalls by around 5, but because the sun had only just shown up we, stayed open and enjoyed a little more friend time on our front carpet.

We whipped up some loaded fries and decided to crack open a nice cold cider, after all, we deserve it right…? Unfortunately, Mum wasn’t going to get to enjoy hers, as she tipped the first one straight over onto the grass without even taking a sip, then after I filled her 2nd she managed to tip the whole thing into her lap, requiring a full outfit change. After laughing hard, we refilled the 3rd glass for her and forced her to take a sip as we realised this must have been the problem. We went for a stroll around the fairground and checked out the bands in the bars, we strutted our stuff to ‘Carwash’ much to the horror of the younger onlookers and called it a night again. We’re not losing our touch, I was just getting an early train to London tomorrow and Mum was hoping for a busy day Saturday.

After my unreliable ride to the station didn’t arrive, the lovely Ann stepped up and after a near miss at a junction with a crazy driver, I made it onto the train. Sophie finally arrived onsite just as I was getting the train and the girls opened the stall around 10 am. The day was much better than Friday with a steady flow of great characters all day. The sun came out to greet us just as everyone was closing up again, so we chilled out the front of our stall and enjoyed the company of our friends and a few magic carpet rides. It turns out Sophie who’s come over to help Mum out for the

weekend, had had a pretty huge week leading up to the festival and munched her way through every carb and pieces of fruit in the house, then promptly retired to bed by 5 pm! Mum woke her up at 10 pm to chow down on some delicious hog roast donations, again from Ann, who’s rapidly approaching top human status!

After late night dinner, we moved Sophie’s van from the car park to behind Julie’s stall, grabbed a cider and went for a dance. We discovered the rest of our crew already fully in the swing of things (maybe even past that stage) and danced the night away. We tossed up the idea of going to the other bar but quickly realised we’d all had enough and went back to the van.

Due to some busy body stall holder on the end of the row, we were rudely awoken by the sound of someone knocking on Sophie’s van door. They were asking who she was. Sophie thinking it was mum, invited them straight in. Mum hearing what was going on jumped out of bed and smoothed it all over. She was explaining about our staff change over the day before and the that Julie knows who she is and agreed in a drunken state the night before to let Sophie park there. There were a few sore heads visible around camp, but we were up and open just about in time for 10 am opening time.

Sunday was super quiet and there didn’t seem to be many day visitors. The weekend folk had probably had the same kind of fun as us the night before. So after an afternoon of on and off showers, we decided to slowly pack down and head home. But, before we did the universe treated us to a gorgeous triple rainbow and reminded us, that things are always good regardless of the profitability of these weekends!

Another festival down, and we’re fully booked for the rest of the summer so check out our Kidzfest event for this weekend or Worsted event for the following weekend!

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