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Wow Music Festival 2017

This one’s been a little tougher to write about, for the simple reason that we really didn’t do too much related to the Braidy Bunch. Sure I know you’d probably all be super interested in the juicy adult related content, but the truth is, that’s not what this site is about… maybe check out my Casecapades or Forgotten Boundaries sites for the juicier content.

No really it wasn’t that debaucherous, just not really the correct market to make it profitable for us. We got ourselves over to the site with the best attitudes we’ve had all summer. We were excited as we’d heard good things about the festival and it was our first time at the venue. We were greeted at the gate by a lady who mum had overheard saying that the total capacity for the festival was 500 including stall holders (not a good sign) she was overwhelmed when mum told her our stall was 6ft and said because we were huge (2nd bad sign). Not to be deterred we waited for another lady to come and find a spot for this apparently massive stall of ours. The lady tried to place us in a separate field to where the stages and other stalls were, but mumma wasn’t having any of it. After telling the lady where we wanted to be and not taking no for an answer we got the stall up and opened it amazingly within a couple of hours.

We were trying to keep a positive attitude towards the whole thing but after 3-4 hours of trading and not a single braid, we decided it was possibly going to be a lost cause and cracked open a ice cold cider. My foot still being pretty fragile after a cliff jumping incident earlier in the year, meant I was pretty stationary. So after making friends with an amazing lady from the stall next to us, I decided to sit at the front of our stall and enjoy the music and the cold refreshing beverages.

There were two amazing acts on the main stage that evening The Foreign Locals were a double act of one guy on guitar and another playing the accordion. They had a distinct Spanish gypsy style to them and sang in a humorous and engaging way so I loved them and the fact the singer came and bought some shades later in the afternoon means he fully gets a shout out as a hot talent from me. The 2nd awesome act of the afternoon were a hip hop band called The Mouse Outfit they had such amazing flow to their hip hop style which would not ordinarily be my choice in music but talent is talent and these guys had it.

After dark we gave up on the stall and decided to go into the main bar and see the last act of the night Captain Flatcap and have a dance. The place was jumping and everyone looked like they’d been really getting into it all afternoon (hence no customers). We found my New friend Loriann and had a great evening dancing around and when the music was all done we perched ourselves on a hay stack and made more friends, fabricated elaborate stories about how I’d broken my ankle and laughed hard into the early hours.

Saturday was a new day and again we woke up and psyched ourselves up for a hopefully busier day. We had two 10am bookings, so that got us out of bed and into the stall. However, that’s pretty much where the day’s rush ended. We slowly ticked over for the day on the stall so again just decided to embrace the awesome music that was there in front of our stall. We had a bunch of kids playing around in the stall all day and we became a bit of a hangout area for all on our front mat. The lovely Lorriann was back that afternoon so we recounted last night’s stories and laughed all over again at our silliness. There were some bigger acts planned for the evening so we closed up as soon as the sun went down and decided to make a night of it. If you can’t beat them join them. There was a great Reggae band on the main stage called Horseman And The Uppercut Band, but the final act of the night left us a little flat. We decided to explore the campsite but decided to call it a night after an unwanted surprise in the noisy campsite area.

Sunday fun-day they say… not so much if you’re trying to make money. But, when you’ve given up on that prospect, yes it is a fun-day. I spent the morning making temporary braids and clip-ins on the mat in front of the stall. When the sound of a beautiful angelic jazz band called Whiskey Moonface crept across from the bar, I was done. No more work from me this weekend. I’d decided enough was enough.

Took off my money belt and positioned myself front and center, to enjoy the music and some cold beverages for the rest of the afternoon. After a couple of hours of mum not doing anymore business, she decided to join me and what a lovely evening it was.

We partly packed the stall away, until it was just too dark to see anymore. So we sang a few songs about our situation and called it a night. All in all, it was a super fun festival and the music and artists performing were amazingly talented. But in terms of business and the Braidy Bunch, this one’s going to have to be off the calendar for next summer, unless we just want to go along for the party of course!

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